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Welcome to The Carter Fold every Saturday night! Janette Carter, one of three children of A.P. and Sara Carter established the Carter Family Fold to honor the memory of her parents and Maybelle Carter who played a historic role in helping give birth to the age of country music beginning in 1927. Even though Janette has passed away, her daughter Rita is carrying on the musical and performing legacy she established . The original Carter Family lived on this hallowed ground, right where the Carter Fold is today, in Poor Valley, at the foot of Clinch Mountain in southwest Virginia. This was their home and base of operations. Since 1974, the non-profit Carter Music Center has presented programs of old time and bluegrass music every weekend.  Formally established in 1979, the Center's objective is to promote old-time music and pay tribute to the Original Carter Family (A.P Carter, Sara Carter, and Maybelle Carter). The Saturday concerts highlight the musical style made popular by the Carter Family, considered by many as country music's first family. In keeping with the traditional music style, no electrical instruments are allowed (everything is acoustic). There's lots of dancing and fun for the entire family. Shows are family-oriented; no alcohol is permitted at concerts. Delicious home-fixed snacks are available at the Carter Fold Snack Bar, and you might be able to round out your collection of Carter Family recordings at the well-stocked souvenir and record concession. Come early and browse through our Museum before the show.

Once each year, a two-day (Friday and Saturday) festival takes place the first Saturday/Sunday weekend of August. Mountain craftsmen are on hand to sell their goods, and there's lots of good country cooking going on, too.

A Saturday with us in rural southwest Virginia will supply you with an evening of musical entertainment and country hospitality you won't soon forget. Chances are you'll make some new friends and take with you some fond memories. We'd love to have you visit us.

The Carter Family Fold is part of the Carter Family Memorial Music Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of old-time, traditional country and mountain music.

The Carter Family Memorial Music Center is a non-profit organization.
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